Rotary Tables & Indexers

Gene Haas founded Haas Automation in 1983 to manufacture the world’s first fully programmable 5C collet indexer. Today, Haas rotary products continue to dominate the industry with high-quality craftsmanship, dependable operation and affordable prices. The current Haas line offers more than 45 models of rotary tables and indexers, delivering the superior quality and indexing accuracy that have made Haas the industry benchmark.

Haas rotary tables and indexers are divided into three main categories. Each category – INDEXERS , ROTARY TABLES and CNC 5-AXIS ROTARY PRODUCTS – contains information about multiple products, special configurations and applications.

These three Rotary categories are organized into multiple levels of information. Advancing from this main page, you will find a list of the major products we offer in each category. The page for each individual product then contains information about particular specifications, applications, exceptions and special considerations.

The Haas Way

Every Haas rotary product can be used on both Haas CNC machines and other brands. We accomplish this with our servo control units.