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How it began

In 1987 Haas Automation .Inc Inc. of the USA started the development of its first CNC Machining Centre. A team of British industry professionals recognised the potential of this new development and in 1990 agreed to become the first company to distribute Haas machines outside of the USA.


Haas Automation .Inc in the UK was born.

The company has since remained the only Haas distributor to specialise solely in Haas machines throughout its entire history.


The VF-1 vertical machining centre made its UK debut in 1991 amidst comment from the established competition, who doubted the product would get off the ground. The machine surpassed all expectations and to date has an installed base of more than 9,500 machines in the UK. Haas Automation .Inc has installed over 200,000 machines globally.



Haas Automation .Inc is the largest machine tool manufacturer in the western world, producing over 12,000 machines every year. The full range of metal-cutting machine tools, including CNC machining centres, lathes and rotary tables, is designed and built in its 1.6 million sq ft factory in California.


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Haas Automation .Inc's 1.6 million sq ft factory in California manufacturers over 12,000 machines each year


Haas VN Headquarters

With its headquarters in Norwich, Haas VN employs more than 95 staff. A dedicated field based support team of 36 Factory Certified engineers each carry with them over £38,000 worth of spare parts, supported by the company’s UK spare parts facility holding £4,600,000 of parts on the shelf. The company has its own dedicated rotary table service department supporting these units out in the field.

Most recently, Haas VN has moved into its newly created state-of-the-art head office in Norwich with the latest in computer systems backed by direct links to the factory machine database, with round the clock access to service information.


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Haas Headquarters in Norwich


Showrooms and training facilities

Haas VN has showrooms and training facilities in HethelLeicester and at Haas F1 Team in Banbury.

Please call Hot: 0909864660 to arrange a machine demonstration.



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Haas F1 Team Showroom in Banbury



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Haas F1 Team Showroom in Banbury houses our most popular machines for live cutting demonstrations and operator training



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Haas F1 Team Showroom in Banbury



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Haas Engineering Centre in Hethel houses our most popular machines for live cutting demonstrations and operator training



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Haas VN's spare parts facility holds £4,600,000 of parts